Monday, June 25, 2012

Dumas Visit!

I got home from Florida on Thursday and turned around and left Friday afternoon for Dumas!  It was a quick turnaround!  After a six hour trip to Dumas we finally made it to Nana and Poppy's house and visited with family for a little while before we went to bed.  The babies once again did surprisingly well on the trip.  They never made one peep! 

Saturday we attended the Elliott family reunion.  This is our official reunion family picture! 

We also got to visit meme and papa!

Saturday night we finally got to try Nuckol Sandwich!  It was so yummy!  B and I were so excited about eating there! Yah! Karrie and Joseph! 

We also made a pit stop at Big Banjo (no trip to Dumas is complete without it!) to see more family! 

These boys got to try chocolate gravy for the first time too! Yummy! Yummy!

I love looking through old pictures.  We found this one of B and I did a little comparison!  
B and Brooks at approximately the same age.  I want B's little outfit! ha

Saturday night we went to Sarah's and John's!  B and John had a little frog gigging (sp?) planned.  I really can't believe B thinks that is fun!  It sounds pretty disgusting to me! 

Sarah and I got left at home with the kiddos!  It was wild!  The babies couldn't wait to test out all of Stevie and Tripps toys! 




This one too!  

Saturday we spent the day in the pool!  It was fun!  The babies just floated around and ate Popsicles!  John also took us all on a few rides on his ranger/four wheeler thing.  The babies loved it! Thanks so much for having us Sarah and John!  We can't wait to come back to Camp Parker! 

Sunday night we went back to Dumas and had dinner with B's parent's and grandparents.  Poppy took the babies on a few rides around the yard!  They loved it! This was the only way we could keep them awake!  They skipped their last nap and weren't in the best moods!
Instead of unpacking the car for the third time we decided to put the babies in the car at 8pm and drive back to Fayetteville!  The babies slept most of the way. We didn't get home until after midnight but it was worth it to finally get to sleep in our own beds!  We had a really fun trip and we can't wait to come back and visit again soon!  

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