Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Day at the Beach!

We woke up bright and early and headed to the beach!  We couldn't wait to get our feet in the sand! 

Ava's first time to see the ocean!  I don't think she knew what to think! 

The water and weather were perfect!  

Ava had quite the set up!  She had a big blanket to play on, lots of toys, a baby beach chair,  and her own personal pool!  She also had a cooler full of snacks!  

Gigi and A! 

Aunt Caroline and A built lots of sand castles and A tasted a few too! 

Side note about this hat-I'm not usually a hat person but in my old age I've decided it's finally time to protect my skin (and my hair turns red if I don't cover it up) so I bought this hat at forever 21.  It maybe cost $5.  While I was packing B spotted it and said, "I really hope you aren't planning on wearing that in public." ha Sorry to disappoint you B but I wore it every single day! 

Gigi got Ava her own beach chair!  She loved it!  She also loved her new shovel!  

Ava took a nap in her stroller under our cabana.  That's when I managed to get a few good hours of sun and magazine reading in! 

She was back up and ready to play after her nap! 
Ava loves watching big kids play!  She really just likes kids in general.  When kids would run by her on the beach she would say, "Hi!" and wave to them.  I don't think one single kid heard her!  I felt sorry for my baby!  She just wanted a little attention! ha 

Gigi's turn to build castles! 

Ava's pool was almost like a little hot tub! 

After a long day at the beach we went to Seaside to have dinner at The Great Southern and drink some of their yummy mojitoes!  

Ava colored for the first time!  She colored her hair a little too! 

Her masterpiece!

I can't brag enough on A!  She was such a trooper on this trip!  She only had a short nap on the beach but she was still in such a good mood!  She ate her food and kept a smile on her face all night! 

Mommy and Ava!

Ava reading mommy her princess book!

Gigi and me!

The girls!  

After dinner Ava got to have a slumber party with Aunt Caroline!  She felt like such a big girl hanging out on the bed and playing with the ipad with Carol!  

Pretending to go to sleep!

Her slumber party didn't last very long because she had to get in her rental crib!  I think she was pretty exhausted because she went right to sleep!

Our first real day was a success!

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