Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feeding time!

I use to think I couldn't wait to get rid of the bottles and formula.  Now I kind of want them back!  No one warned me how messy feeding was going to be!  I feel like I spend the majority of my day cleaning high chairs!  When I'm not cleaning I'm cooking, doing dishes, wiping down babies.  Thank god for Coco and Layla though.  They do a very good job of cleaning up dropped food!  

Ava has decided it's hilarious to feed the dogs her food!  She will look at me, drop the food, and then say Uh O.  Stinker!!  Knox likes to rub his food in his hair!  That's always fun to clean up too!  And Brooks sometimes has issues hitting his mouth.  He just isn't that into food so if it doesn't make it to his mouth he just lets it land in his lap! 

If they weren't so freaking cute we might have a problem! 

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Dawn said...

Try planning some outside water play time just before lunch, pack up the lunch and take it out with you so you don't have to go inside to fix lunch, then let them eat outside and then hose off before naps :)