Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We had a busy week at our house! I don't think we were home one night! We went to a birthday dinner Tuesday night, Happy Birthday Lindsay! We went to a get together at the Bowens Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon Bennett came over to swim with his mommy!  Brooks woke up early from his nap and it was perfect because I got a little one on one time with him in the pool!  It's basically impossible to put all three babies in the pool at the same time because they want to be held but one baby was pretty easy!  Brooks even tried out his new floaties! 

Cutie Bennett with his big boy sunglasses around his neck! 

Sweet Brooksy loving all of the attention! This kid has to start eating soon!  His little ribs show and he can't keep his shorts up!  

The next morning Ava found her sunglasses and wanted to wear them!  I think she was copying Bennett! 

Ava helped Gigi do a little cooking Friday morning!  She loved being in on the action! Thanks for cooking for us Gigi! 
Friday night we went to a party at Tressa and Ben's and I didn't take one picture!  Saturday night B and I were double booked so we stopped by Mickey's birthday fish fry and then went to the Children Safety Center event later that night!  I have to admit, as we were walking out of the door, B and I thought about going back in and getting in bed and renting a movie and eating pizza. Ha If I hadn't just washed my hair and put on makeup I really might have considered it!  We had a fun night with friends though and I'm glad we went! 

Sunday we went over to my dad and Jenny's for a fish fry.  We wreck their house every time we come over.  There is always food and toys everywhere!  Thanks for having us over.  The food was delish!  The babies loved it especially!

Jenny introduced Ava to ketchup!  I don't think she will eat another plain fry again! ha She loved dipping her fry! 

Just a glimpse of the mess!

Food everywhere! 

Of course eventually they were all naked.  It's just too hard to keep clothes clean with these three!  Knox and his grandpa were sharing some fries!

The faces of their first fish fry! 
We had a busy week and weekend but we are trying to live it up this summer and we don't have much time left!  I can't believe they will be starting school in a month! Crazy! 

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