Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Their First Ride, Sunday, August 5th.

 I had never taken our car seats out because B threatened me with my life!  Apparently they weren't real simple to get in....  My car was disgusting.  It was also starting to smell...  It was time to clean it!  I also knew we were going on an overnight trip and I thought it would be nice to take my car!  No one ever gets to ride with us anymore because I only have one extra seat! So Thursday I took out the car seats, washed and sterilized them and my dad had my car cleaned for me!  Thanks dad!  I'm happy to report that the smell is gone!  It was so nice to drive my car for a few days and actually have a backseat again!  Sunday, B went to the deer camp all day so Sarah came over and helped me put the seats back in!  I'm so impressed she knows how to do that!  Thanks again Sarah! 

I couldn't wait for the babies to wake up from their naps so we could go for a ride!  B got home just in time to go with us! Ava's face cracks me up!  She wasn't sure what was going on! 

We didn't really have anywhere to go so we stopped at Sonic for a little treat!  Our first milkshakes and slushies!  I thought we could just order one and they would all share!  Thank goodness I listed to B and ordered three drinks!  There was no sharing going on! 

Knox was a fan! 

Ava was too!  She completely flipped out when I tried to take it away from her!  I was scared to death she was going to spill her slush all over her freshly washed car seat and my freshly cleaned car! But we quickly gave it back to her!  Anything to make the princess happy! ha

I told B the babies are going to gain some lb's in no time if we keep giving them milkshakes! ha We might just bump up from the 10th percentile in weight! ha
We made a stop at my dad's house and then to Gigi's for dinner!  It was a good Sunday drive!  Oh and I can't believe how much easier it is to get them in and out of the car! You will be seeing a lot more of us around town in the future! 

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