Monday, August 27, 2012

Cousin Visit Day 1

Alex, Cami, and Cory came to visit us a few weeks ago.  We all went to Chuck E Cheese the first night they were here for a little fun and pizza!  I think we are starting to be Chuck E Cheese regulars! 

Ava loves the frog game!  She knows what buttons to push and everything!  She also gets really excited when she wins tickets!  She tears them off and then she starts eating them! ha 

Knox needed a little help on a few games! 

I thought B had gotten too many tokens but I was wrong!  The older kids went through them pretty fast! We racked up a ton of tickets! 

I think Brooks liked watching the older kids play the games more than he liked playing them himself!  This boy loves hanging out with big kids! 

It's still so funny to see Ava on the move!  In this picture she was making a pit stop for some pizza! Cami wanted to pick out all of Ava's outfits while they were in town!  This was her first outfit!  Pretty cute!

Cami asked me to get on the hamster wheel with her.  I of course told her it wasn't for adults, etc.  A lady standing nearby said, "Oh no, you can get on it.  It's fine." Great!  It really is hard to tell kids no! So... I got on the hamster wheel and Cami took pictures of me! ha Let me tell you, that thing is a workout!  

Ava found an easier way to get the balls in the holes! 

Daddy and Ava (munching on some tickets)

Brooks and Knox were all over the place!  They were into everything! 

Taking a drive!  Apparently Chuck E came out and danced with the kids and Ava loved it and danced along with him!  So funny!  I'm glad they aren't afraid of costumes yet! 

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