Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random, but worth documenting.

-Jennifer is long gone.  And now Brittany is long gone! Oh and Carol is about to be long gone too. 

I'm not sure if I even mentioned it here but Jennifer got a real job (not that taking care of three one year olds isn't real) at the beginning of the summer.  We miss her so much! We are all secretly hoping she will miss us so much that she quits and comes back.  Our fingers are crossed. 

Approximately two minutes after I got the call from Jennifer that she would be leaving I hired Brittany. Those two minutes in between were very stressful.  I had never met Brittany but hired her anyway!  The thought of being babysitterless terrified me! I did a little facebook stalking and she seemed perfect! The babies love Brittany too!  She is such a big help to me!  I think the first day she worked for me she helped me clean out closets and the garage while the babies were napping.  She also apparently likes to clean and do laundry which is right up my alley! But.... Brittany is a youngster and still in school so she had to leave us on Friday for rush and nursing school.  We're sad.  The laundry is already piling up..

Caroline is moving back to Little Rock to do a teaching internship.  They wouldn't let her do it in Fayetteville.  I know she will be back on weekends but it's just not the same!  She has been my workout partner and my back up baby sitter!  She was about to be promoted to full time babysitter too! 

We have been so lucky so far with babysitters.  I have some how managed to find two people that I like and that love my kids.  I'm sure someone else will come along but until then it's going to be a little rough!  Thank goodness I signed the babies up for mothers day out last year!  They start in two weeks.  It's only two morning a week for four hours.  That's not a lot of help but it's something!  Although, I have a feeling I'm going to be exhausted just from getting them there by 8am!  We like to sleep in at our house! 

-B tore his hamstring and thought he was dying.  He was at a softball game and I guess was running the bases when it happened.  He said he heard a pop and then felt the worst pain he has ever felt in his life and hit the ground.  What's funny about this is that before the game we had been at a birthday party at La Hacienda.  A friend and I were laughing about how our husbands are too old to be playing softball because they always come home with injuries!  As B was sipping his margarita he was telling me that , "No, he wasn't too old, etc"  I got a phone call from my mom at about 9pm that night.  She was like,  "Brandon's had an accident." Of course I immediately thought car accident.  Then she said he had torn his hamstring and couldn't walk.  He claims he called my mom first because he knew I wouldn't take him seriously!  He was probably right.  Caroline had to go pick him up at the softball field because he couldn't even drive his truck or get in it.  She brought him home and made a Walgreen's run for him and I put him to bed.  He was out of commission for a week.  Taking care of three babies is hard enough with two people but taking care of three babies and an injured husband by yourself is really hard work! I now know I could definitely never be a nurse!  B is pretty much back to normal now thank goodness but he has benched himself for the remainder of the season! Hopefully the next few seasons! 

-Coco was debarked.  We had her vocal cords cut.  It was either that or I was going to strangle her the next time she woke up the babies.  We went with the more humane option.  It was wonderful for a few days but I kind of think they are growing back....

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