Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go Team Go!

These pictures are so old!  There is even a chance I have already posted them.  I can't remember!  I think these were probably taken around April or May!  

This was the first time the whole family rolled out to watch one of B's softball games!  The babies got to wear their Wedington Liquor ball boy/girl shirts and their cute Nike shorts the Wood's gave them! 

This girly girl loved being at the game but she made sure she had a brush to keep her hair in check! 

She cheered so hard for the team!  
 She looked so cute doing it that I took one million pictures! ha

The star player stopped by to say hi to his fans.  (Knox must have been a little sleepy at this point).

Checking out the boys in the dugout!

My cute little bat boy! 

Knox finally came alive and decided he was ready to cheer! 

My little #3 was all over the place! 

Good luck high fives through the fence! 

He wanted in on the action so bad! 

One going on sixteen!

Gigi the "team owner" stopped by to cheer on the team too! 

B's out for the season after a little injury but we are already excited about going to watch next spring! Maybe they will bring home a trophy soon! 

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Haley Nicodemus said...

So funny. So many times I think "have I put these pictures on here already...oh well". Cute kiddos!