Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Several weeks ago, July actually, we took Ava and Brooks to the country club to swim with Jenny and Jack.  Knox didn't make the cut because he doesn't just love the pool.  They had so much fun!  I think Ava liked the snack bar the best though!  Apparently swimming makes you hungry because she ate a ton! Her grandpa bought her an ice cream bar and she went to town! 

My little fish!

While we were swimming Knox was hanging out with Gigi at the farmers market.  Shopping is hard work!  

A few weeks ago we went to Gigi's house for dinner! The babies practiced eating with their new spoons and forks.

Ava is one of the most determined kids I know!  She works forever at getting her food on her spoon/fork.  

We went to play at Millers house a few weeks ago.  It was such an exciting day! The postman's truck broke down right in front of Allison's house and it was so exciting!  The boys are such boys, they loved it.  They were glued to the action.  

Knox grabbed a wrench to help the guy out. 

This is a rare sight.  I took the car seats out of my car for the first time! I should have taken a before picture! It was a mess!!  My dad was nice enough to have it cleaned for me!  We actually got to take it on a little road trip and have adult passengers! 

Hank Williams Jr at Downstream! 

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