Thursday, August 2, 2012

Important Dates

Mid June- Knox says "Doh Doh" all of the time.  He's trying to say "No No."  Or maybe, "Don't" He is quick to point his little finger at you and tell you no.  It's probably the cutest thing I've ever heard by the way...

June 28th-Ava started saying "No" and "Thank you"

June 29th-Brooks started full time walking.  I was out of town of course!

July 20th-Brooks said "Gigi"

July 20th-Knox said "A G" which is what we call Ava

July 21st-Ava said her first sentence.  She said, "Hi, Daddy"

July 23rd-Ava, Brooks, and Knox can show you where their nose and ears are!

July 30th-Ava is now a full time walker!  We are so proud of her and she is so proud of herself!  She walks with her hands above her head!  Pretty cute!

July 31st-Ava said Brooks.  I missed it but Allison heard her! 

Other random things I want to remember-

-Brooks won't eat.  Refuses.  The other two are usually completely done with their meals before he even takes a bite.  He just sits and waits until I give him his milk  Loves milk!

-Brooks busts his lip open every other day.  I don't know if he is just clumsy or if his lips are just too big! ha

-Knox hits himself in the head constantly or bangs his head on things around the house.  I think it started when he started throwing temper tantrums.  He would bang is head on the ground or wall.  Now he just walks around the house and randomly slaps his head.  We use to laugh, now we ignore him.  I really hope he stops soon!

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