Monday, August 20, 2012


Ava likes to wear buckets on her head.  She thinks it's the funniest thing ever!  I really think she likes doing anything that will get her a laugh!  Future comedian?

Ava pretends she can't walk but she can operate her four wheeler like a pro.  Instead of walking she drives this thing all over our house.  If she gets it stuck she knows how to get off, move it, get back on and keep going.  I think it's her way of keeping up with the boys.  It's pretty cute to see her on it actually! 

Oh and she uses it like a ladder to get into things she shouldn't.. 

I'm sad to see summer end but I'm so excited about cooler weather and football/tailgating! I've already started buying supplies!  The blue tent will be back in the pit this year!  There might be two miniature football players and a cheerleader running around too! 

I might have finally kicked my diet coke habit and I have this drink to thank.  It's so good.  The other flavors aren't great but the coconut kind of taste like you're drinking a pina colada.  Not really but maybe if you use your imagination.  

Poor thing is OCD like his mommy.  In this picture he was cleaning the trampoline.  He cleans constantly.  He doesn't like anything on the floor.  Especially shoes!  He is always bringing me things and saying, "Thank you." I think he might be my biggest helper one day! 

I'm obsessed with these two little girls on Ellen that sing Niki Minaj songs (I know they are old news but I just discovered them).  I want a little British kid that can rap! 

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