Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Shoes that started it all

Ava turned fifteen months old and still couldn't walk.  She refused.  At her appt. Dr Averitt said she was not worried because she could tell that she could walk but that she just didn't want to...  Little stinker!  I think she took her first steps about three months ago but she just never kept going.  She could get where she wanted to go crawling so she was fine with doing that.   A few weeks ago she spent the night with Gigi.  

This is one of the pictures Gigi sent me!  Apparently at Gigi's house the "No Mr Frog out of bed" rule doesn't apply...

Gigi and Ava did a little shopping.  While they were out and about they ran into Ava's friends Lyla and her mommy Lynlee and A decided she wanted to go for a spin in Lyla's stroller.  Silly girl!   

Gigi bought Ava these pretty red shoes and Ava loves them!  She bawls when we try to take them off. These shoes have caused several fights in our house!  The boys might just have to get a pair too! ha 

  To make a long story short...Gigi brought Ava home and she went down for her nap.  She woke up and was walking.. It was the craziest thing!  There has been no turning back since!  I really don't know if it was her pretty shoes or a little peer pressure when she saw Lyla walking everywhere but whatever it was it worked!   So on July 30th, 2012 Ava Alexis became a full time walker!  I feel like overnight I have three kids now instead of babies!  So sad! 

Walking girls need lots of new shoes to keep them motivated! ha

And a new shiny lunch box!  

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