Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Saturday Night!

Last Saturday night we went to a fun back to school party at the Hall's house!  We arrived to the party in style!  B took the babies on the bike trailer.  We broke several rules on the way!  No helmets, no straps, and three people in a two person trailer!  Don't tell on us!  I followed in my car because working up a sweat on a bike before a party isn't really my thing!  

A was ready to go!  She is obsessed with the bike trailer! 

And how cute does she look in her little outfit?!  It was a special "Get well soon" gift from Oliver since Ava got a little hand, foot,  and mouth from him!  Oliver and his mommy are too sweet! 

B went ahead and set up shop in front of the bounce house.  It will be a great day when the babies can actually climb back up the slide themselves!  Ava and Brooks slid down approximately five thousand times.  

Brooks is obsessed with older kids.  He talks to them in baby talk..  They are always thoroughly confused.   
My kids ate so much pizza.  So much! Knox was too busy to sit down so he walked around and took bites off of every one's plates.  Two days later he woke up with a stomach virus.  I apologize to everyone we infected. 
Bennett is such a sweetie!  He gave Brooksy a few kisses on the head!  
Brooks and his main man! He has spent a lot of time lately attached to Brandon's leg.  

Later that night when the babies were fast asleep I snuck out of the house to go celebrate Mark's birthday!  I had an action packed night!  It went from juice boxes to wine pretty fast!  Happy Birthday Mark!  Hope you had a great night!

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