Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Cell Phone Pics

I told myself I was going to start using my big camera more but it just hasn't happened yet! So... here are a few grainy cell phone shots that show what we have been doing lately! 

Our friends came over to swim a few weeks ago and we had so much fun!  The babies all lasted in the big pool about 7 minutes and then they were done! The rest of the time they just ran around and ate pizza and Popsicle's!  It was a fun day! 

Mr Serious!

Three buddies just hanging out talking! 

Going for a spin around the farm on the tractor.

Modeling her new dress Grandma Jenny made her! 

Walker and John came to visit!  Ava loves Walker!  All my kids love older kids really!  They brought the babies a new yellow hairbrush!  It is always in some one's hands!  Come back and visit soon guys! 

Greek snuggle!

We were loading everyone in the car and found Ava sitting in the bike trailer.  Poor girl was ready for a ride!  She didn't want to get out!  I'm so ready for cooler weather so they can start going again with B and I can get a little break in the evenings! ha 

Ava thinks it's hilarious to eat like Coco and Layla.  On this particular morning she dumped her milk out (She has learned how to press the spout of her sippy on her tray until a little bit leaks out at a time... Smart Cookie) and she was slurping it up like a kitty.  I'm sure her teachers will love that at school..

Taking her baby for a spin.  The baby actually got stolen by one of the boys but she didn't notice.  Usually Ava plays with the tractors and boy toys so I was excited to see her playing with her toys for a change! 

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