Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cousin Visit Day 2

On the second day everyone was in town we played around the house most of the day.  The kids made a little track and drove the babies around and around.  The babies loved it of course! 

Squirmy babies! 

We played outside too!  The babies love to swing! 

Later that night we went to my dad and Jenny's house for dinner.  

Brooks, Nana, and B

The babies love eating at their own little table! Before the food was ready they went and sat down.  I think they must have been pretty hungry!  This was their first time to eat ribs!  They have so many firsts! I think they liked them but they were a little distracted by the corn! ha

Golf lessons after dinner!

Ava and Cory cheering B and Jack on during an intense Boccie ball tournament

Ava, Jenny, and Jack just watching the action! 

This cutie was covered head to toe in food!  


We brought dessert over and Knox went to town!  I was inside while he was eating it but apparently he liked it so much he went in head first and had it up his nose!  We finally just had to pull him away from the table!
It was such a perfect night!  It had rained earlier in the day so it was so cool!  We all ate outside which is usually hard to do in August!  Thanks for having us over guys!  The food was yummy! 

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Maydelin said...

I always loved when my cousin come to play at my house... Really good memories