Friday, August 3, 2012

Poor Baby

The boys went for a bike ride with B the other night.  Poor Knox came back and looked like this!  I was freaking out of course!  He hurt himself before he even got in the bike trailer.  It just wasn't his night.  I think he ran down the driveway and was going too fast to stop (our driveway is steep) and face planted.  He scraped his whole face!  Later they made a pit stop at the McCarty's new house and Knox fell off a step as he was bending over to grab a ball and his face hit a big rock! My poor baby!  Daddy is fired as a babysitter I think!  Knox actually isn't acting like it bothers him but I still feel so bad for the baby every time I look at him!  Brandon just keeps telling people, "Oh but you should see the other guy." Not funny B! 

He's gotten a few extra kisses and snuggles to make it all better! 

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