Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Concert in the Park

We went to the last concert in the park last night and I think it might have been the best one yet!  It was so much fun!  The weather was great and all of our friends were there! I think our little group had about 6 blankets connected together!  Ava loved getting to show off her new trick!  Walking!  She was in to everything!  They really all were though...  I looked back at my pictures and realized I really only had pictures of Ava.  I think it was because she isn't as fast as the boys yet so she was easier to keep up with!   B and I definitely got a workout in!  Oh and if one kid is sick we are all in trouble because it was like musical sippy cups and ice cream! 

Miss Shea let Ava wear her pretty necklace! She was so proud of it!

Ava with her stolen juice box on a stolen 4-wheeler.  She couldn't figure out where the power button was on this one (it didn't have one)!

This was the only picture I snapped with all three kids in it!  It's also the only proof that Brooks was even there!  They were all over the place!  It's crazy to think that at the beginning of the summer when we started coming to the concerts none of them could even walk and now they are running! 

Emily and Ava busting a move!

Riding off into the sunset.  

Ice cream goatee

We finally got Knox to sit down with a little ice cream!  Shea took him to get it and apparently he pointed to the sprinkles!  Ha So he got a cup of ice cream with sprinkles and ate the whole thing!  When the spoon wasn't getting it in fast enough he would just use his hands!  
We were filthy when we got home to say the least!  Sometimes I feel like the dirtier they are the more fun they had!  I can't believe the summer is almost over!  I'm ready for cooler weather but I still don't think I want the summer to end!  It's been a busy one but so much fun too! 

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