Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Game

I wasn't really on top of the picture taking for the first game!  I am really going to have to do better next time!  I think last year I dressed the babies up for every single game and took pictures of them even though they never attended a game!  This year Jennifer text me an hour before we left to tailgate and told me she could keep them so they spent the day in pj's! I didn't even bother getting them dressed!  Thank goodness for Jennifer!  I was going to attempt to take all three babies to tailgate and to the game by myself!  It would have been a disaster! Even though I don't have any pictures to prove it, it was a fun game/tailgate and we won! Which is always fun! 

The blue tent is back this year!  It's a little bit fancier though! Karrie and I (with guidance from Theresa) made a chandelier for our tent!  It lights up and everything! We are pretty proud of it!  Thanks for helping us Theresa! 

A few of the girls in our tent! And Miller! What a cutie! 

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