Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Hogs Go!

Saturday, after the babies woke up from their long naps, we got dressed in our best Razorback gear and went to the Gearharts to watch the game!  For some reason I buy a ton of red clothes for the kids and then they never get to wear them because they never go to any games! I decided since they were all dressed up I would do a little photo shoot! 

My favorite!

Brooks was feeling a little squirmy so he was hard to catch! 

He's back!

My little poser!

I have a feeling this would have been a cute one!  Too bad I cute his head off!  I really need to work on my photography skills!

Brooks was just feeling spunky!

Such a big boy!

Brooks decided to take a little nap, Knox was busy on the phone, but I can always count on Ava to look at the camera!

Cell phone pics!

Ava took off one of her shoes to use as her phone!  I thought this was pretty silly and then Emily pointed out that my phone looks like her shoe (I have a leopard cell phone case)!  Smart girl Ava! 

I remember when I bought these shoes!  I thought they were so huge she would never grow into them!  I just had to have them though!  I can't believe she can finally wear them!  She was pretty proud of them! 

Knox wanted a closer look to see what they were all about!

She looks like a little mannequin! 

My little baby!  
We had so much fun at Lindsay and Brock's.  The girls sat outside with the kids while the guys watched the game!  My kids ate ten pieces of pizza.  I think they must be going through a growth spurt.  That is the only thing I can think of!  They have been eating a ton!  I'm sure they did work up an appetite running all over the backyard!  Caroline has a little water table filled with dried beans and the kids loved it!  I have been finding beans all over my house! Oh and Brooks and Caroline made out! I guess Brooksy has his first girlfriend!  She's a cutie too! Thanks for having us over guys! 

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