Friday, September 14, 2012

The Big Day!

I packed their lunches the night before school!  Ahh still can't believe they are in school!  I am going to lose it when they start real school one day!  For their first lunch they had turkey, cheese, mixed veggies, strawberries and a few chocolate goldfish for dessert! 

Their lunch boxes!  Ava's bento box wouldn't fit in the lunch box I bought her so I had to pull one of my old lunch boxes out!  

Backpacks!  These things are miniature in real life!  I can't believe Ava's is a cat! I hate cats with a passion so this is a big deal for me to get her this one! ha It is pretty cute though! 

Rise and shine!  My kids wake up at 9am.  They are definitely not used to getting up at 7:30!  They were a little disoriented! For their back to school breakfast they had mini spinach omelets and raisin toast!  Yum! 



Brooks!  Kicked back a little..

Knox had a complete meltdown while we were getting ready.  I think he was just sleepy! 

Their official first day of school pic!  Kind of funny but pretty cute! 

They were so ready for school they rushed out of the house! Brooks has mastered opening the door now! It's all about teamwork!

They look ready right? ha 

Brandon rode with me to take them the first day because I just didn't have enough hands.  On the way there he said, "So what's their school called?  The New School" Umm no B, it's not!  First School! 

Carrying his babies in!

Knox is excited! 

I think they were kind of in shock!

They were a tad bit clingy at first too.

A little girl was crying in their class and screaming "Mommy" Brooks walked up to her and gave her a hug.  Sweetest kid ever. Oh and Knox started mocking her and yelling "Momma" I had to remind him I was still in the classroom!  Silly boy! ha

They didn't really cry or pay much attention when we left.  I wasn't really as sad as I thought I would be to leave them either.  I knew they were going to love it!  I had one million errands planned for my four free hours.  I also booked myself a special treat.. a massage!  It was very nice and relaxing!

When I picked them up they looked tired and happy to see me!  The teacher told me Ava was obsessed with the "babies" of the class and kept trying to play with them (the kid loves babies!) and she told me Knox was the "Head Honcho" of the entire class.  Once again, doesn't surprise me at all!  Brooks was just a perfect angel I'm sure! 

I had a little back to school surprise waiting on them when they woke up from their naps!! 

I'm not sure what I was thinking buying markers and stamps but they loved them! 

Knox nibbled on a few crayons too!

And then the wild man climbed on top of the table and coloring time was over!  

All in all it was a very good first day of school!

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Ashton Necessary said...

I stumbled onto your blog through the Woodruff's blog and fell in love with these three! I typically don't comment, but I have to know where you purchased their retro art portraits above their highchairs! Oh, and did you paint their play table? That is precious as well :) I bet the nursery I just beautiful...