Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Friday PJ Day!

Last Friday was a pretty lazy day at our house.  We were in our pj's all day long!  B had to work that night but he called and wanted us to meet him for dinner.  I had big plans to put the babies down early and relax but he put a guilt trip on me and I caved.  I told him we would meet him but it was going to have to somewhere casual!  Casual enough for pj's and no shoes! ha  

I think Ava was so happy to be out of the house!  She kept trying to talk to the little kids sitting behind us!

He was so excited about getting french fries!

My sweet Brooks! 

Ava has been riding her horse so much that the batteries are dying!  Now the horse moves his head but he has a sad little neigh.  

This is what happens when we spend too much time in the house.  Knox gets wild and gets in trouble! 

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