Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The before orientation pictures

Get ready for picture overload.  I don't pull out my camera very often but when I do I go crazy taking pictures in the hopes of getting one good pic!  Then I usually think they are all good and I post them all!  

These are the pictures I took before we went to orientation at the kids new school.  Btw, I'm really trying to call them "The kids" now instead of "The babies"  So sad! 

I started with the boys because Ava was still getting ready!  It just takes a girl a little more time! ha

Umm how cute are they and so old?!

Love Brooks!

He loves his brother and thinks he's hilarious!

And here she comes!  She didn't want to be left out! 

"Hey boys!  I'm here!"

She was ready to pose and the boys were over it! 

I guess this means they are done!

Love this boy! 

One more try at a new group picture where all three are smiling! 

Ava loves to sit on the steps.  I think she feels like a big girl!  I love when she sits on the steps because it's a good place to take pictures of her! 

The boys are completely over the picture taking! 

Some one's making a getaway!

Love a ruffled booty! 

Oh Brooks!  I just love you! 

Off to school we go to meet your new friends and teachers! 

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