Friday, September 7, 2012

Lauren came to visit!

A few weeks ago Aunt Lauren came to visit us for the day!  Lauren didn't come empty handed!  She brought the babies lots of gifts!  Ava got the cutest little outfit and a baby doll named Michelle that came with a stroller and a potty!  The boys got John Deere tractors that they are obsessed with!  

Ava with her dolly Michelle.  She pushes this stroller everywhere!  The boys sometimes borrow baby Michelle though!

Brooks with his tractor!  This is actually a flashlight that makes tractor noises!  So cute!  The boys (actually Ava too) have really gotten into trucks and cars lately.  Nini brought them a new helicopter and car trailer that they love.  They load all of their little cars on the trailer and push it around!  Thanks for all of our gifts guys! 

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