Monday, September 3, 2012

The Zoo Debacle

One Sunday morning B and I decided to load the babies in the car and go to the drive through safari.  Sometimes spur of the moment trips are so much fun, sometimes they aren't.  It was 110 degrees that day!  Not the best time to go to the zoo! Gentry is also a lot farther away then I remembered!  When we finally got there we let the babies sit in the front seat with us so they could see all of the animals!  They loved that part! They were all over the car! 

Ava loved getting to sit in the front! 

My boys checking out the monkeys! 

Knox said, "Bye llama!" It was pretty cute!  This was the perfect opportunity to practice all of our animal sounds!

Our dj for the safari! He pushed every single button on my car.  It will never be the same!

A friend we met along the way!  It was so hot that the animals weren't really moving around much.  We are definitely going to have to do this again when it cools down a bit! 

Sweet Ava!  I think the monkeys were her favorite!

We ended up cutting the trip through the zoo short and driving across the grass.  It was getting a little crazy in the car.  We were going to just leave but then I decided we had driven all that way, paid the money, we might as well get out and go to the petting zoo.  Big mistake! 

"Hi Mr Goat!"

About two seconds after this photo was taken Knox tripped and hit the ground.  It didn't faze him but the only thing I kept thinking was, "His hands probably just landed in goat poop." I was done.  That did it for me!  We threw them all in the car, sanitized their hands and we were gone!  
We had been on the road for about fifteen minutes when Knox started crying.  They were still facing backwards in their car seats so I told B to peek and see what the problem was.  As soon as he did he started screaming "Pull over, pull over!" I thought the worst, choking, etc.  I pulled over and got out to find Brooks sitting on top of Knox eating goldfish out of his lap.  I wish I could blame this on B but it was all me.  I was in charge of Brooks.  He had the other two.  As I was strapping him in I got distracted because I found a rotten sippy cup of milk on the floor board and I guess I forgot to finish strapping him in.  He climbed out, climbed over Ava, and just sat on top of Knox snacking away.  He thought it was hilarious! 

I turned their car seats around the next week.  

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Haley Nicodemus said...

Absolutely hilarious. Brooks sitting on Know, that is.