Friday, September 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Part 2 Tractor and Pony Rides

Farmland Adventures has a wagon ride for the kids!  They take you around the property and you get to feed all of the animals from the wagon!  

Brooks and Nana!

I think Brooks liked the little red headed girl next to him.  He kept scooting closer and closer.  She did not like him at all!  She kept telling her mom that he took her spot! ha 

The farmer gave us all tortillas to feed the cows!  So fun! It was crazy how they walked right up to the wagon!  They were a little stinky though! 

We weren't allowed to touch Brooks!  The big boy wanted to stand up all by himself!  It's pretty cute when he swats your hand away!

Brooks and his girl!

This boy is in heaven!

Porter enjoying the view and a snack! 

Love this boy! 

The farmer driving the tractor was nice enough to let Brooks take it for a spin (not really, just pretend)! 

He loved it! 

Such a big boy! 

That tractor might not ever be the same because he touched all of the levers and pushed all of the buttons! 

Brooks had to walk around and really check it out! 

I think this one is a framer!

Pony Rides!  Farmland Adventures really thought of everything!  I put Ava on the pony first but she wasn't too sure about it!  

How funny is this face?!  My little cowgirl!

Knox, on the other hand,  loved it! I thought he might be scared but he squealed all the way around!  Look how dirty my pants are! I wouldn't be at all surprised if we all contracted a weird farm creature disease! 

Nana took lots of pictures of us! 

Brooksy loved the ponies!  He went around once and when I tried to get him off he cried so he just kept going around! 

I had to hold him on the belt loop because he does not want me to help him at all! Mr Independent!

We had such a fun morning!  We will definitely be heading back there soon!  The boys had so much fun they both got their first grass stains on their jeans! ha  As soon as we left we called Gigi and daddy to tell them all about how much fun we had!  B met us for lunch at Ferrells and then we all went home to nap and clean up!  Such a fun day with our friends!

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