Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day

Sunday morning my dad and I took the babies to church!  It was their first time to go to the nursery.  It wasn't exactly a smooth drop off.  They were all three bawling when I left!  I'm sure the workers in the nursery loved to see me coming!  Since they started school they have developed major separation anxiety!  They still go to strangers and aren't exactly shy but as soon as they think I'm going to leave they flip out!  They are always fine five seconds after I'm gone but it's pretty rough at first!  Thank goodness Lindsay dropped Caroline off right after I left and assured me that they were all fine.  She said Brooks and Ava were being held and Knox was busy vacuuming.  Of course Knox was vacuuming!  The room must have been a little too messy for him to handle! ha I can't believe I didn't snap any pictures of them in their cute church clothes!  I was so busy throwing things in the car and trying to get everyone ready I just didn't have the time!  After church we went to lunch and sat on the patio at ESG.  It was a great day to sit outside!  The babies once again ate a ton!  I think they ate all of their food and half of my dads!  Maybe they have a tape worm???  They keep eating but not gaining weight! ha Thanks for helping me with the babies dad!  

After they woke up we went to Gigi's house for dinner!  Oh and to celebrate Christmas in September!  Kidding!  Gigi thought they needed some new toys at her house so she did a little shopping!  They are never going to want to leave!  They loved all of their new toys! 

Brooks can't quite reach the peddles yet but he still loved his new trike!  I pushed him all around Gigi's house! 

They love Gigi's cooking too!  I think she made them salmon, roasted veggies and cute macaroni spinach muffins off of pinterest! They were really good!

We learned to call the hogs this weekend!  Brooks is the best!  Ava has the "Woo" sound down and Knox still needs a little practice! 

Ava attached to Gigi's thigh.  This is where she spends most of her time unless she is in Gigi's arms.  We are working on this! ha 
B finally made it back home!  We missed him a lot but I have to say my house was a lot cleaner when he was gone!  
Oh and Happy Grandparents day everyone!  I didn't even realize it was on Sunday!  I'm glad we got to visit at least two of the four grandparents! Next year I'll have cards ready! ha 

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