Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Labor Day/4th of July

My dad's Fourth of July party got cancelled because of the burn ban so he rescheduled it for Labor Day.  It was such a fun party!  Thanks for having us dad!  I still can't believe I didn't bring my good camera.  It makes me sick!  I did try to snap as many cell phone pics as I could but they just aren't the best quality! 

Last Year vs. This Year  
I can't believe how much she has grown!  I think Ava has definitely changed the most out of all of the babies!

The whole crew 2012!

July 2011!

I loved Ava's dress and Ava loved her dress!  One of my favorite Target finds!

I asked Caroline to take a few pictures for me and she said no because then she wouldn't be in any of them.  So I handed her a baby and snapped a pic. Ha Knox was in a great mood that night! 

Crying even with a chocolate chip cookie in his mouth.  He was that mad! 

As cute as her dress was, it was just too hot so B stripped her down!  

Dad and Ava!

Sidewalk chalk time!

Sydney helping out! 

Ava even got to wear her sparkly red shoes!

My patriotic girl! 

Brooks' first sparkler!

This picture is so fuzzy but I had to post it so I could document how the babies felt about their first fireworks show.  They flipped out!  Ava was fine, but the the boys were hysterical!  Nothing would calm them down!  They didn't want to be outside but they didn't want to be inside either!  Hopefully next year will be better! 

It was quite the show!  I think people all over town could see it! 

LOVE this picture!  Ava's first sparkler!

And finally Knox got brave enough to try a sparkler! 
Next year I am going to be prepared!  I'm going to have my good camera, cool clothes, and ear plugs for the babies just in case!  

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