Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch Part 1

On Wednesday B's mom and I took the babies to meet their friends at the Pumpkin Patch!  I can't believe it's already that time of year!  I considered dressing them in Halloween themed clothes but it just seemed too early! I think we picked the perfect day to go because it was overcast and a lot cooler than it has been!  The kids were so excited to get out of the house and run free!!

They look so old!

This mommy pig had babies five days ago.  When I looked at her I felt her pain!  I think this is what I looked like with tiny little Ava, Brooks, and Knox when they were born! 

They were so excited to meet the piglets!

Guess who found a broom to clean up the pig pen?!

I'm not sure if Brooks liked the little pig...

Or the cute little girl!!!

Ava loved petting the little pig!

Hi Mr Pig

I guess A got tired of standing so she decided to plop down to get a better view of the pigs!

This boy had a hard time leaving the little piggies!  He had a hard time leaving everything at the pumpkin patch!  I think he might live on a farm one day! 

Next we moved on to the goats!

And a little drink break!

Caroline was nice enough to share her goat food and Lindsay helped Ava feed the goats! 

The Rutledges!

Our attempt at a family photo!

Attempt #2.  While Bethany was taking this picture we lost Porter

This is where we found Porter.  He spotted a 4-wheeler and decided to take a ride! Ha I guess he climbed under the fence and climbed on up!  He was proud of himself, he said Ta-Da!

Knox was more into the snacks than he was the pumpkins!

Another funny attempt at a group picture! 

We tried!  Maybe one day they will all sit still and look at the camera! 

Ava hanging with her boyfriends!

One of our pumpkins!  The nicest little boy helped us find three of the best pumpkins! 

Love this boy!

The boys showing off their new pumpkins! 

Brooksy loved the pumpkin patch! 

Running Free!

Picking out her pumpkin!

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