Monday, September 10, 2012


We have been a little sickly lately.  Knox had a tummy bug for a week.  Of course the day he got over it the other two got it!  While they were sick I got what I was sure was the flu.  I felt terrible!  I even took medicine and went to the doctor and requested a shot!  For me to even take Tylenol is a big deal! I was so afraid the kids were going to be sick  and miss their first week of school!  They weren't sick the first week but the first weekend after they started school they all had a little fever.  It only lasted 24 hours thank goodness! Needless to say we have been ready to get out of the house! 

We met the Bertrands for dinner last week!  It's always so nice to catch up with friends!  Knox went to town on his food!  Sometimes I think it would just be easier to hose them down after they are done eating! 

Ava loves eating with a spoon/fork.  If you try to help her she goes crazy!  She will work for hours to get every little piece of food on her spoon!  She also loves to dip things!  She dipped the same chip in her little bowl of salsa and licked it off a million times!  I think in this picture she was eating her cheese dip with a spoon! 

Ava with her hat!  Knox did not like all of the attention she was getting so he decided to one up her!  He found the big toy bucket and put it on his head!  Such a little stinker! 

Gigi watched the babies so B and I could go out to dinner with friends a few weeks ago.  Usually when Gigi is at our house they ignore us but I think they figured out we were about to leave and got very clingy!  They are pretty good at throwing fits when we are walking out of the door.  For a while they cried every morning when B left for work.  They have gotten over that but Brooks still cries as soon as Brandon walks in the room because he wants to be held! ha 

Gigi, Caroline, and I took the babies to the mall to find new shoes for them!  We have been shopping for shoes for months!  Their little feet are skinny and hard to fit!  They all took a ride on the Merry Go Round!  After we got off we were in the shoe store and Gigi told me she thought something was wrong with Ava because she kept falling down and she couldn't walk very well!  I think A was just a little dizzy from the ride! ha 

Ava modeling a flower girl dress for Olivia's wedding!  Ava is going to be in two weddings this fall!  I'm a bridesmaid in both so this should be interesting!  Daddy has a big job!  I think we need to start practicing now!  

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