Monday, September 17, 2012

First Trip to the Fair

A few weeks ago the fair came to town and Karrie and I decided to take the babies! B had big plans to hang out with friends that were in town for the game so Karrie was nice enough to go with us!  Gigi ended up coming too!  I have to say I remember the fair being a lot bigger and better when I was a kid!  I can't imagine that Monticello had that great of a fair so I guess everything just seems bigger and better when you're a kid!  We started by going in a livestock barn to see the animals and that lasted about one minute!  It smelled so bad I couldn't take it!  The babies weren't really that impressed with the cows anyway!  Maybe next year! 

This kid was such a trooper!  He loved the fair!  Especially the carousel! I kept trying to hold on to him and he would push my hand away!  I guess he wanted to ride his horse like a big boy! 

The one picture I snapped!

I think Ava's favorite part of the fair was the corn dog Gigi bought her!  

This little guy was up to no good and in a terrible mood!  I think this was the first day of the first fever virus that hit our house!  Knox seems to always get sick before the other two.  He wouldn't ride the rides, he wouldn't try the cotton candy, he was just mad!  

Karrie and Ava on her first carousel ride! 

Sarah and Bennett came to meet us too!  I'm not sure Bennett knew what to think about the weird man with the birds on his head! 

The babes also got to ride real ponies!  They loved it! ha Not really!  Brooks loved it and Ava and Knox flipped out.  Actually Knox flipped out and I think Ava copied him!  What's funny is I was holding Knox on the horse, Karrie was holding Ava, and a lady with not one tooth in her head that reeked of Marlboro's was holding Brooks and he was fine! They were nice enough to give us refunds for the two cry babies! 

I think we lasted at the fair a total of thirty minutes.  Just long enough to try to ride the ponies, eat a corn dog, ride the carousal, and then walk back to the car!  Karrie, Sarah, and I took all of the kids to Mellow Mushroom for dinner afterwards and it was much more our speed!  Maybe next year A, B, and K will have more fun!  Oh and I think the fair is more of a daddy place!  B isn't skipping out on this little adventure again! 

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