Friday, December 7, 2012

Halloween at the Botanical Gardens

Sometimes I think I'm borderline crazy... Halloween morning I decided it would be a great idea to dress the babies up and take them to the Botanical Garden's for the last Little Sprouts event of the year.  Keep in mind I was hosting a Halloween party that night and my house was a wreck!  Honestly I think it was just stressing me out to be at the house without being able to clean or get anything ready so I just thought it would be better to leave!  I'm glad we did because the babies had so much fun!  My dad came with us to help!  

At the last minute I threw together cowboy/cowgirl costumes for the babies because I thought they would be warmer than their Peter Pan gear!  They looked so cute and the boys got to wear their new boots Gigi got them that they love so much! 

They were the cutest cowboys and girls I have ever seen! ha

There were a ton of kids there!  They all read stories and a lady played the guitar and sang!  It was pretty cute!

Grandpa Bob with cowgirl Ava!

The boys were wearing real deal Wrangler shirts from Cavendars!  All they were missing were their horses!  

I just can't handle the skinny jean cuteness!  

Taking their wagon for a spin! 

After all the singing and dancing was over with everyone went trick or treating around the gardens!   The kids had so much fun running all over the place! 

Brooks saw this tractor and a worker was nice enough to let him sit on it!  She said, "As long as he doesn't turn it on." As soon as he sat down his little hand went right for the key! ha

Each place we stopped we got different surprises!  The babies got bracelets, candy, rings, and pretzels!

They loved getting all of the different treats! 

They needed a sucker break after all of their hard work trick or treating! 

Love her blue eyes!

He was so happy he got to wear his red boots and eat a sucker!  His Halloween started out great! 

This was such a cute event and we will definitely be back next year!
 After we left my dad and Jenny took us out to lunch!  Then it was home for long naps so I could get everything ready for all of their friends to come over and play! 

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