Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

The week before Thanksgiving was hell at our house.  It started with Ava getting sick.  We were in Fort Smith for family pictures and we stopped at Georges to pick up take out.  She ate one french fry and then puked everywhere.  She was covered, her car seat was covered, it was a freaking mess!  We didn't know what to do so we just drove home.  There was just no way to even clean it up!  It was terrible.  Brandon and I were leaving for NYC the next morning at 8am.  When we got home we cleaned up the huge mess and then started packing.  Brandon mentioned his stomach hurting but I assured him it was all in his head.... It wasn't.  He was up all night so at about 7am I made the call and canceled our trip.  Let's just say I was in a terrible mood all week.  All week I kept thinking, "I should be at dinner with my friends right now, I should be shopping on 5th right now, I should be watching David Letterman right now (we had tickets to a taping) instead I was doing laundry, cleaning up puke, sterilizing my entire house...  Brooks got it mid week too.  Everyone had this terrible virus but Knox and me.  I really thought we had escaped it... That wasn't the case!  The night before Thanksgiving I was at the store buying groceries for my dish I was taking to my dads.  My stomach started hurting but I ignored it.  By the time B got home from work at midnight I was dying.  Of all days to get sick Thanksgiving is the worst!  I called Gigi bright and early because I couldn't even get out of bed and I knew Brandon had to go to work.  Thank goodness she could help because Knox woke up puking too! So Knox and I laid in bed all day drinking Sprite and checking instagram every five seconds because we were bored and Gigi nursed us back to health.   I swear everyone I follow on instagram posted pictures of overflowing plates of food.  Yuck! Not what I wanted to see when I felt like that! ha 

Not only did Knox and I miss Thanksgiving, we also missed my dad and Jenny's wedding!  It really was really the worst day ever to get sick.   My mom got the kids dressed and Brandon took them to the wedding.  I gave him strict instructions to take my camera and take lots of pictures for me.  I have three pictures... He refused to take my camera.  I was so mad at him!  I still don't think I'm over it!  I also called Caroline and told her to take pictures for me with her phone.  She didn't take one.....  I think I'm going to get them dressed up and have a Thanksgiving re-do! 

You can tell B and my mom were in charge because Ava has her pacifier!  She looked pretty cute!    

B got Brooks dressed!  Daddy likes his plaid!

Daddy and Ava! 
Oh and to top it off Thanksgiving night Brandon got the stomach virus again and my mom got it!  It was seriously the virus from hell!  Although our day wasn't exactly perfect, we hope everyone else had a great day!  We have so much to be thankful for I really shouldn't complain! (It's kind of hard not too though! ha ) I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations Dad and Jenny! I hate that I missed the big day! 

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