Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

The Halls had us over to eat dinner and carve pumpkins!  It was such a fun night!  I was so excited because I had not bought one pumpkin!  Brandon was in charge of buying our pumpkins to take over and he bought three huge ones!  Carving pumpkins is a lot more work than I remembered!  Only one got carved and I think we left them all at the Halls house! Sorry Jessica and Mark! 

Dinner Time! 

I think the table was a little too crowded for Bennett! ha 

Knox was fascinated by the pumpkin carving process! 

Ava was more into accessorizing her outfit with a new hat!

Silly girl!

Kids and knives everywhere!  And how brave is Jessica to let us do this in her house?!!

Ava wanted to help Sarah with Bennett's pumpkin! 

Miller and his mommy!

Miller was a huge helper!

Just dumping out the guts!

Love this little pumpkin!

The view from above!

Brandon had lots of helpers!

I love this picture!  My three working as a little team!

A needed to take a break from the hard work!

Such boys!  Fascinated by the guts!

Such a big helper!

B was really concentrating! ha

Ta-Da!  Our pumpkin!

All of our pumpkins lit up! 

Time to play!

I think he's grown two inches since I took this picture.  I just want them to stop growing now!

Wild Woman!

Allison is so sweet and brought all of the kids surprises!  They had so much fun playing with their glow swords and sticks! 


It was such a fun night with all of our friends! Thanks for having us Halls!

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Ashley Richards said...

Looks like such a fun night with the kiddos!