Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Halloween Party Part 1

Our first guest at the party!  Mickey Mouse! 

Elmo stopped by too! 

Jennifer and Chris arrived and Ava went crazy!  She was so excited!  They both got a running embrace! 

I love that my kids love their cousins so much!  We are still waiting on Jennifer to come back to us! We miss her! 

They needed a little pre-party snack and someone had to sample the food!

The cutest little gorilla!

The Woods and their little lobster!

Hi Miller!

Hi baby Graham!  Such a cute little duck!

Harrison and Anna came too!  Anna is in the same class as the triplets!  I think they were excited to see their classmate! 

The Fletchers!

Ellison was the cutest little cupcake!

Hook going down the slide backwards.  We rarely ever go down the right way anymore! ha

The Richardsons!

Emory with our skeleton!  

Daddy and Peter Pan!

The Bowens!

Aunt Karrie and Tinkerbell! 

Cowboy Hudson!

Emory is just too cute!  She is such a little poser too!  Every time I pointed the camera in her direction she was ready! 

Brooksy Bear with Jennifer

Mouth full of candy waiting on more trick or treaters! 

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