Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

This year I put my tree up earlier than I ever have!  I think it was up a week before Thanksgiving! It might stay up until February!  I hate taking decorations down!  In the past I have put up three trees; a silver tree, a black tree, and a purple tree!  B hates it! ha This year I borrowed a traditional green tree from Gigi that she wasn't using! I missed having a tree in the kitchen so I put up a smaller white tree too!   

The babies just couldn't help themselves!  As soon as they saw this tree they started taking the ornaments off.  So only the top half of the tree is decorated! 

Thank goodness Poppy was in town when I put the tree up because half of the lights were out and he was able to fix them!  He also set our tree up on a timer.  Little Brooks wanted to help! 

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