Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

We had Thanksgiving at our house with my mom's side of the family the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We decided to do it early because we knew Thanksgiving day would be hectic at the liquor store with the LSU game in town.  I think I liked doing it early!  

Gigi came over early to help me get everything ready! Brooks's little face is just too cute! 

He loves his Gigi!


Brooks wanted to help out in the kitchen!  PS-how cute are the turkey shirts Jennifer made?! I love them! 

Brandon hard at work!  Kidding..  He leaves the cooking up to me!  In his defense he did ice down the beer! ha

Having a little Cheerio appetizer!


They were ready to get the party started!  They couldn't wait for their cousins to arrive! 



Ava is obsessed with Walker!  She thinks he is hilarious! 

She loves her cousin John too! 

Poor Jennifer, as soon as my kids see her they attach themselves to her! 

Love a good pull up contest!  Knox wanted in on the action!  He could actually hang there by himself!  It was hilarious!  

He was very proud of himself! ha

Ava was proud of her brother too! She loves a macho man! ha

Go Knoxie!

Brooksy and his B.  This boy loves his daddy so much! 

See!  He wouldn't even let me hold him to take a picture! 

It's not Thanksgiving without a game of football!  Ava was the cheerleader! 

Brooksy loves Christoper!

Having too much fun! 

Nini and Ava!
We had a great day and a great meal with our family! 

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