Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Train

Saturday was Christmas family fun day!  We got it started Saturday morning bright and early! We all went to the train station in Springdale to ride the Christmas train with Santa!  We hadn't planned on going but Brandon's cousin gave him tickets they weren't going to use and we thought it would be fun for the kids!  I'm so glad we went! 

Brooksy and Daddy!  I'm so glad I brought snacks! 

The Parkers!

We were all a little sleepy and looking pretty rough! ha 

If you give Knox a box of raisins you won't hear a peep out of him for hours.  

Love the look on his face when the train started moving! 

I tried to snap some pictures for Madeline's mommy since she was home sick!  Leslie, I think in this picture Madeline was squealing!  She was having lots of fun! 

The train really didn't really go that far but I don't think the kids knew the difference! They were having fun! 

Just enjoying the scenery!

This little boy almost fell asleep on the train!  Five seconds in a car or a train (apparently) and he is out! He gets that from his mommy! 

My sad attempt at a group picture!

Love this girl! 

Miss Priss wanted to keep her eye on Santa!  I think she likes him from afar! ha 

I love love love the look on Knox's face! He wanted to make sure Santa didn't get too close! 

Santa, Mrs Claus, Stevie and Tripp

Love this little boy!

Silly girl! 

Brooksy has a new best friend!  He loves Sarah!

This girl has attitude for days!  She definitely knows what she wants!  She decided she didn't want to wear her shoes so no shoes for Ava!  I'm sure all the other parents thought I was parent of the year for taking my child out with bare feet!

Then she decided she needed a song book to sing carols.. She looks a little confused!  It might have been because her book was upside down! ha

She loved waving to everyone outside when we pulled into the station!  It was the cutest thing ever!

She looks so sweet but she can be so rotten! ha

Family fun day is never complete until someone has a temper tantrum and rolls on the floor!  I think Knox was a little sad the train ride was over! ha  

Love her!

When we got off the train Frosty was waiting for us!  Ava loved frosty!  She rubbed his tummy and laughed and tried to grab his nose! ha 
It was such a fun morning!  We will definitely be back next year! 

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