Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lunch at Grandpa Bob's house!

Several weeks ago we went to my dad and Jenny's house for lunch!  My dad loves to cook so the babies always get to try new things when we go to his house!  I think this day he had cooked pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn!  Yum! 

Ava loved it!  Can't you tell??

Knoxie's little cheeks stayed full! 

Brooksy's too! 

I wanted to take a group picture since the babies looked so cute in the outfits Jenny made them!
It didn't work out real well! 

Checking out the big black spider!

Jenny got the babies surprises from the craft fair!  They loved their light up pumpkins!

Knoxie does a lot of "ooohing" these days! 

Mr Serious!

Shaking his new tambourine!

Love her and her bright blue eyes!

Caroline and Brooksy!

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