Monday, December 17, 2012

Lighting of the Square!

We had plans to meet a lot of our friends at the square to see the lights but when we got there we quickly realized that wasn't going to happen!  The square was packed!  We couldn't move!  We did manage to get a front row spot to see the lights and the parade! 

Ava giving me attitude because she didn't want her picture taken! ha  

Family pic!

Of course we had to have light up swords!  They were actually worth every penny! The boys are still playing with theirs and they surprisingly still work! 

Ava got a princess wand!

Sweet Knox!

Having too much fun!

Ava and Gigi!

The girls!  Minus me, the photographer!

Oh Brooks! I just love you sweet boy!

Knox thinks it's funny to close his eyes when we take his picture.  Hopefully he will get over this soon! 

The faces she makes kill me!  Her little personality is just over the top!  

There's my Knoxie!

Brooks decided no one could hold him but Gigi! I was a little jealous! 

This wild guy loved the parade!  He was dancing his booty off!  I think he yelled at every single doggy that walked by too! ha

Family pic! 

Someone was passing out little bags of carrots!  Ava was so excited!  She held on to those carrots for dear life! 

This boy loves his mommy!  He didn't want anyone else to hold him!  It's cute sometimes and then other times its a pain!  My arm gets tired! ha 

This girl was in heaven!  She loved the lights, the doggies, the princess wands, all of it! 
We had such a fun night!  One more reason I love living in Fayetteville!  I have a feeling we will be making several trips to the square this year!  

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