Monday, December 3, 2012

Halloween Carnival

We met all of our friends at the Halloween Carnival.  Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Hook had a great time!  They were out of control and all over the place but I really didn't expect anything else! 

Tinkerbell was so proud of her new bracelet!  She loved it! 

This might be my all time favorite picture of Brooks.  I could just kiss his little cheeks off!  He is such a sweetie!

The Bowens! Minus Travis

The cutest little gorilla I have ever seen! 

Hook was a wild man.  He refused to wear the pants that came with his costume and he wouldn't wear anything but those dang red boots.  

Chi O's were working all of the booths and we ran into Day!  

Just sitting in the dirt/horse poo taking his shoes off and on... At one point I thought Knox's nose was bleeding but it was just dirt coming out of his nostrils.  He apparently face planted a few times!

Family pic!  B's mom was in town visiting so she got to go with us!

By the end of the night Ava was a pro at trick or treating at the different booths!  I think she knew which booths gave out the good candy! 

My boys!

She kept her little arm like this so she wouldn't lose her bracelet! 

Love his little curls.  He might have a mullet forever! 

After we left we met all of our friends at US Pizza for dinner! I wish I had a picture of our table!  There were kids everywhere!  It was suprisingly calm.  Maybe not calm, but not as chaotic as you would think twenty kids would be!  Such a fun night for a good cause! 

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