Thursday, December 13, 2012

Halloween Party Part 2

I kind of felt like a party pic person!  I think I managed to get pictures of everyone!  

Is Win not the cutest little cupid?!

Karrie and a cowboy!

We had two precious lobsters at our party!

Leslie and Graham!

The Critz!

I think all of the kids were on sugar overload!  Bennett was double fisting suckers!

Knox got really into handing out the candy!  He spent a good part of the night just hanging out by the front door! 

Helping his daddy!

Then he decided he wanted to give Alex a kiss.  Poor Alex!  He is a very persistent little thing!

Hi Cupid!

I was pretty proud of him for not keeping all of the candy to himself!

Group picture time!  I think next year I'm going to need a bigger couch!  A lot of kids had already left too! 

I think I see one kid smiling and looking at the camera!  One out of thirteen isn't that bad right?

Our one family picture of the night!  I love dressing up but I completely dropped the ball this year!  I was doing good to get the kids in costume!  I decided to be crafty/cheap this year so Sarah and I made Brooks's costume!  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I also altered Ava's from a size 6x to 18 month!  Next year we are going all out!  I already have an idea of what we can all be!  I have a feeling that next year might be the last year I can choose costumes for the kids so I really want them to be cute!    

Little Buddies!

I decided to surprise Hook and trick or treat at our house!  I really just wanted a good picture! 

This wild guy had approximately one million suckers.  Every time I turned around he had one in his mouth! 

Ava was super excited about the popcorn ball Win brought her!

Baylon is the sweetest boy!  He wanted to give Ava a hug goodbye!

So cute!
We had so much fun at our party!  We love getting together with all of our friends!  I thought it might be hard to get the kids in bed after all of the sugar they ate but I think were just exhausted from partying so hard!  After everyone left I had a little burst of energy and cleaned the whole house and took down all of the Halloween decorations!  I'm not sure what got in to me!  Maybe too much candy?!  

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