Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Friday in Cell Phone pics

We had a busy day! We got out of the house a lot which I love! We met our friends at the park for a little picnic and play time! They babies all look a little greasy because they were covered in sunscreen! I love the Water Babies smell. It reminds me of the beach!This was Brooksy's attitude the entire time we were at the park! Not a happy camper. I think his eyes might have been stinging from the sunscreen! Even though it says "Tear Free" that is not the case! I made the mistake of wiping my eye with it on my hands!
Sweet Noah in his cute hat!
Ava checking on baby Hudson!
How sweet is this??? Ava kept her eyes on Porter the entire time we were at the park. She even tried to crawl after him to the play gym.
Porter is a little sweetie!

Em stopped by to visit! Ava loved her pearl necklace!
We went home and took naps and then headed to the baseball game! Hi Carol and Ryan!
My sweet sweet boy!
Ava cheering on the Hogs!
Hey Knoxie!
This picture cracks me up! He looks like he is really yelling at the field! I think he was actually just mad at me! ha
Ava decided she wanted to stand up and cheer!
My big boy! I sent B pictures of the kids and he immediately called to ask me what the boys were wearing. Daddy was not a fan of their pink shirts. I love their shirts and think daddy is just going to have to get over it!
I was so proud of the babies. They stayed and cheered for the Hogs until 10:30! It was such an exciting game we didn't want to leave! We also weren't in a big hurry to get home since B was working late and wouldn't be home until after midnight! They did change into their pj's towards the end of the game though!

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