Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Little Red Wagon!

The only way I can remember what I do is by looking back at the pictures in my phone! My memory is shot! I was looking back at my pictures today and realized we have spent a lot of time outside and it is all thanks to our little red wagon! Thanks Caroline! What a great gift! That wagon has really been a life saver. It is the only way I can take all three babies out of the house by myself. Instead of buying a triplet stroller for over a thousand dollars I just use my wagon. It's built for two people but Ava fits perfectly on the floor board!

She wasn't real sure about it at first.
But now she is the official water bottle holder and she likes it!
We have had two picnics in the park this week! The babies love it (so do I)!
I think B likes it a lot too!
Knox always holds onto the side of the wagon. Usually with both hands! There is nothing wrong with being cautious!

Porter took a spin with us too!
Ava test drove Porter's car and really liked it! I think this might be on her birthday list!
I really hope it stays warm! I still feel like we could have a blizzard in a week! I don't want to get too excited just yet about winter being over!

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