Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend around our house. Friday Jennifer kept the babies so I could celebrate my birthday with friends and go to NWAFW. Saturday we went to the baseball game and to Emory's birthday party! Happy Birthday Emory. I can't believe you are already two! Saturday night we were all tired so B brought home pizza and we went to bed early! Sunday we slept late, played in our pj's all day and then went to my dad and Jenny's house for one last birthday celebration! Thanks for having us over! The food was so good! It was a pretty fun relaxing weekend.
Nothing is ever as calm as it seems though. Saturday I was bathing the babies and I turned around to get a towel. Ava stood up and then dove over the side of the tub. When I turned around she was laying on the tile floor screaming. She has a little knot on her head. Poor baby. Saturday at the game Knox ran into the corner of a bar stool and now has a little bruise on his head, Saturday afternoon B dropped a pitcher full of RED koolaid and it exploded in my white kitchen.....I'm not sure why he has reverted back to childhood and started drinking Koolaid again anyway. We usually have one drink option at our house, water, and that's the way I like it! Sunday Ava had another fall in the tub and busted her lip open, it bled.... Oh and Knox and Ava both threw up in the living room but that is really nothing new! And I think I changed approximately two hundred diapers... Just a little glimpse into our lives! ha

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