Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Months

I have actually cut out a bottle so now they only take three eight ounce bottles a day. They are starting to eat more food though. I still feed them breakfast and dinner and occasionally a snack/lunch. I need to work on feeding them lunch instead of just a bottle when they wake up from their morning nap! They are getting much better at drinking water out of a sippy cup too! I really can't believe I only have two more months of buying formula!

They are still sleeping really well at night. All in their own beds! If they do cry I bring them in our room to calm down for a few minutes and then put them back in their bed and they go right back to sleep. Knox has been waking up at night screaming like crazy and can't calm himself down. As soon as I pick him up he is fine though. I don't know what his problem is! They take a morning nap from 10:30-12:30 and an afternoon nap from 3-5 or 5:30. That is if Coco doesn't bark and wake them up! I swear I'm about to give her away! Last week I thought Brooks might be done with morning naps because he would not go to sleep! He was exhausted by the time the afternoon nap rolled around. I think he liked getting the one on one time with me in the morning. He seems to be back on track though! They still go to bed at 8 and wake up around 8 or 8:30. They still laugh and clap every morning when I come in to get them! So funny! Ava gets carried down first and then I go back and carry the boys down together. That is getting harder and harder to do!

Everyone is pulling up now. Brooks and Ava pull up on everything. Sometimes Brooks stands up and can't figure out a good way to get back down so I have to help him! They love to stand at their piano and play it! Knox is usually too busy crawling to take the time to pull up but if there is something he really wants he can do it! Brooks and Ava can push their walkers and walk behind them! Brooks is better at it than Ava but she can definitely do it too! They can cruise along the couch too. Ava also decided to crawl the normal way now. I think she finally realized she was going to have to switch her technique if she wanted to be able to keep up with the boys! She still isn't as fast as them but she is working on it! She also still does her army crawl occasionally! I'm trying to teach them to call the hogs and Ava and Knox raise their little hands over their head to do it! It's super cute! Brooks still shakes his head no a lot and it's still so cute! He also pats his chest to let you know what is his. If someone tries to steal his toys he will tell them no and pat his chest. So funny! They are so sneaky and so fast! They can all crawl up the stairs and we recently found out Ava likes to play in the toilet! Yayy! ha They love wagon rides. That has been our new activity lately! The boys can sit in the seats and Ava rides on the floor board which is pretty funny! They love it! I love it to because it's the only way I can take them out of the house by myself! They have really gotten good at picking up the tiniest things! Especially Knox. If there is a crumb on the floor it is going in his mouth! They love the dishwasher. Oh and Ava and Knox can crawl through the dog gate. I would hate to know how much dog food those to have ingested! I'm going to try to work on new tricks with them this month. I just don't have a lot of extra time for little lessons! I know they will learn it all eventually anyway! ha

Still love bath time and love to play with their toys! the red tug boat is a favorite! It's getting harder and harder to put them all in the tub at the same time! They love to stand up on the side and I'm afraid they are going to slip! Knox still uses Cetaphil and Vani cream for his sensitive skin! It's so soft now!

They are all wearing 12-18 now. I think their shoe size is a four. They are still in size three diapers but I am out of diapers so I might buy a package of fours just to see how they fit.

Ava still has bright blue eyes, tan skin, and light brown hair. I think her hair is getting lighter. It's finally growing! She seems so petite to us but I think that is just because we compare her to the boys! I think she is still a mixture of Brandon and me. Brooks is starting to get more hair too! It is pretty red on top but blondish brown on the back of his head. Maybe it will be two-toned? ha He definitely has Brandon's head shape and complexion but that's about it! People always say he looks just like Brandon though! Knox is still my twin with B's mouth. He has the most hair and it is pretty dark. His eyes are browner now too. They seem so old! I look at pictures of them when they were babies and I think they look so different!

Ava has five teeth now! Two on top and three on bottom. Brooks has four teeth, with several more that are about to break through! Knox finally has two! I really thought he would never get them! I don't think I'm going to get a teething break for a while! Every time I look in their mouths I find a new tooth! It seems crazy that a few months ago I thought they would never get teeth!

Oh Ava,
You are the prissiest little girl I know. You are so different than your brothers! You are my little girly girl! I think everything you do is dramatic! It's actually pretty funny! I love your laugh, your little voice, and those chubby cheeks! You are so silly! When you laugh I have to laugh because it is so sweet! You like to hang upside down a lot. You think it's really funny! I think Gigi, your dad, and Layla are your favorite people! You like your mommy too but you know how to work Gigi and your dad! Gigi is a sucker for that fake cry! You love your brothers too. You make sure you know what they are doing at all times! I think you like to make sure that no one is having a better time than you are! You are very nosey and keep tabs on everyone! It's pretty funny! I think you get that from your mom! You love your food too! You get very impatient waiting your turn to eat! Gigi is trying to teach you how to say "Bite" instead of grunting when you want something! You still love guys! I don't think you have met a man you don't like! You also love Bennett. I was a little jealous when you gave him kisses! I don't even get kisses half of the time from you! It's hilarious to watch you concentrate on things. You get very into your toys sometimes! You look so old now with all of your teeth! it breaks mommy's heart! I'm not ready for you to grow up! We love you so much Ava. You will always be my little princess!

You are the sweetest baby I know. You are so nice. Everyone that meets you says, "Oh what a sweet boy." You have the cutest smile! You smile constantly. I don't have many pictures of you without a big smile on your face! You have turned into the best snuggler. You will lay your little head on my shoulder for a few minutes every now and then if I am lucky. You love your mommy too! When you get sleepy you just lay your little head down and suck your thumb no matter where you are. Sometimes you lay on Ava's back which she hates but I love! You have the cutest little tough man crawl. Your dad has a funny name for it that I can't think of right now! You poke out your bottom lip and kind of huff and puff when your crawling! We call you "Chewy" more than anything! You can think your dad and his obsession with ears for that one! You love to play with your toys. You are probably the best one at sitting and playing. The other two are too busy getting in to things. I think you are probably a little mischievous too but Knox usually always gets blamed! ha You love to stand up! I definitely think you will walk first! You still love to watch tv. You spend a lot of time watching the Real Housewives with me! That drives your dad crazy! Your voice is so sweet. I love to hear you talk! You love to make funny noises with your mouth too. You blow bubbles, etc. We love you so much Brooksy bear. You are my sweet sweet baby!

You are wild and we love you! You are the funniest little guy. You always have a good time no matter what! You are a little mischievous though! The second I forget to shut a gate or shut the door you crawl as fast as you can to get in to something! You have started dancing and it is hilarious. You basically just sway back and forth. My little party animal! You clap for yourself and your brother and sister all of the time! You think it's hilarious when we have to change your dirty diapers! You also love to splash us when you are taking your bath. Little stinker! We took you to the park and you tried to pick up all of the sticks so your dad has decided you are going to love to hunt and camp.. We will see! You love food. You make the most annoying little hunger grunting sound! I hope you out grow that soon! You and Ava do not like to wait your turn to eat so you always get to go first! Poor Brooks! You are the fastest crawler. You are also the least interested in walking. You might just crawl forever! You don't get upset very often so when you do it breaks our hearts! Your little face turns red and you furrow your eyebrows! So sad! I think you like wagon rides the most! You know exactly what to do when we put you in the wagon! You hold on to the sides and get ready for the ride! You still love your thumb but you only suck it when you are really sleepy! We love you so much Knox. You keep me entertained day after day!

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wow I cant believe that they have 10 months!!! Is impossible!!

Well congratulations Ava, Knox and Brooks