Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Monday!

I LOVE this weather! I can't stand to be inside the house when it's pretty outside so this weather has motivated me to load the babies up and get out! They have probably been out of the house more in the past two weeks than they have in their entire lives! ha

We woke up and headed to the library Monday morning for Baby Bookworms. We have never been before so I wasn't really sure how it worked. Gigi came along too. I think the babies really liked it! You can really see their little personality's when we are out and about! Knox took off immediately and crawled to the middle of the room with all of the big kids. He was having the best time until he realized he didn't recognize anyone and he started crying and I had to go get him. It took Ava a little while to warm up but then she was off to join the party too. Sweet Brooksy stuck close to his mommy until the very end. He finally took off but the class was over :( Maybe next time he will get into it more!

Brooks observing and Knox looking at me like, "Can I join the party?"
Gigi with Ava and Brooks!
I think their favorite part was when they pass out the bells! They went straight in their mouths which is pretty gross! Good thing I'm a laid back mommy!
Ava joining the fun!
Knoxie chasing a little girl! Right before he realized he was on display in the middle of the room!
After we left the babies fell asleep in the car so Gigi and I were able to run around town and get a lot of errands done! We even made a quick stop at the store to visit B! They were starving when we got home! I guess it was all the singing and dancing they did! After a big lunch and a little play time they went down for a long nap!

When they woke up B, Caroline, and the boys went for a run and Ava and I went to Girls Night Out! Ava loved it! She ate goldfish at Bella Jacks, listened to the band at Masons, and got to hang out with some of her girlfriends (Karrie, Theresa, Tressa). Then we went to meet the boys at La Huerta for some Margaritas and Mexican! I think we are on the verge of being done with baby food... It's getting harder and harder to get them to eat it! Just today they had banana pudding, goldfish, rice, guacamole, a little cheese dip.... I wouldn't want bland baby food after eating all of that either! It's just hard not to give them bites when they are screaming at a restaurant! Knox has to be going through a growth spurt. He is an eating machine! He can't get enough!
My birthday week is definitely off to a great start!

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British girl in norway said...

Hope you enjoy your birthday - Your little'ens are too cute!