Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Game of the Season!

Before I left on my girls trip we spent the weekend at the ballpark cheering on the Hogs! I think I got a little excited about it being the first game because I took one million pictures! I think we have three little baseball fans on our hands! They crawl all over the box, eat crumbs off the floor, and have the best time! Our first family picture of the season!
Daddy and his girl!
Gigi and her A, who spends most of the time crying at Gigi's feet until she picks her up!
My boys.
Girls turn!
This is what our family pictures look like these days! One out of five smiling at the camera!
Miss Priss watching the game!
It was a little chilly but we did get to spend some time outside!
The boys also got to wear their new baseball shoes! They fit perfectly! Thanks Alex and Stacey!
Gigi and cuddly Knox!
Hi Ava!

One of my kids is missing a shoe at all times. I usually always find them but I swear I can not keep shoes on their feet! I usually don't even notice they are missing one until I look back at pictures!
Brooks meeting Ribby for the first time! The first meeting went really well!
Knox is obsessed with Ribby! He grabs him, pulls at him, and squeals! Ava is just like, "Whatever. Lets get this picture over with!"
My sleepy boy.
G and A.
B got caught on camera pulling Ava's ear! ha
This is an action shot of Ava calling the Hogs! It was so cute! She just puts her little hands up in the air! She doesn't have the Woo Pig Sooie part down yet!

I can't believe baseball season is finally here! Go Hogs!

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