Friday, March 30, 2012

First Birthday Prep

I have been a super slacker lately! I keep putting off planning the babies birthday party! It still feels like it is so far away but it is less than a month away! This week I got on the planning finally! Jenny and Jack came over and we came up with a game plan! The party is going to be at my dad's house and Jenny is going to make all of the food! I'm getting really excited about it! Allison and Miller also came over and we worked on the invites and played! They are going to be so freaking cute! Allison you are so talented!

I also ordered some party favors and let the babies test them out!

I'm not sure Brooks was a fan of the mustache.

Actually, I know he wasn't a fan!
Ava with a mustache like Layla the dog!
Knoxie liked it all!
The maracas that were a bit of a disappointment! ha I swear on the website they looked like they were full size!
I think the hardest thing has been picking pictures for the invitation!

If anyone has any good fiesta ideas send them my way!

I took this picture to send to B to show him I was doing his job! ha Then I realized I only have a few more weeks left of this! I'm not sure if I will miss making bottles but it does make me sad to think the babies won't be babies anymore! I will definitely be wearing water proof mascara on April 20th!

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