Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brooks Henry Elliott

Your first picture! You were only 8 cells!
Your first concert! I had just found out I was pregnant! I didn't even know there were three of you!

Brooksy, in this picture you were in my tummy at my baby shower! So many people loved you before you were even born! They all came out to celebrate you!

We were so excited to meet you! This is your first picture! My little middle child!
You were such a cute little baby with big feet!
This was the first picture that I took of you! You were always so quiet in the nicu when I was there but the nurses told us that at night you really showed your personality and that you would be our little wild baby!
The first time I held you! You were only a few hours old!

You grew so fast! You had a little catching up to do since you were the smallest baby!
Your first Easter! You had to be under a light for one day and it happened to be on Easter! I don't think you minded it at all! Your little sunglasses were too cute!

This was the first day you all got moved to your big crib so you could snuggle! I think you liked being in the middle!
This is the day Knox got to go home. You held his little hand. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen! I think you knew your brother was leaving!
This was your first trip out of the house! You were going to a doctors appointment! You were tiny!
Your first baseball game!
One month old!
Two months old and not happy!
Just hanging out with your brother and sister! This was one of my favorite outfits you had last summer!
Your first fourth of July!

My sweet baby!Three months old!
My Sip and See in your honor! It was a fun day and you were on your best behavior!
Four months old!
Hanging out in Dumas! That was your first long road trip!
Go Hogs Go! This was the first football game!
Happy Boy!
Hanging out with Nini!

Five months!

Laughing so hard you fell over! Too cute!
Your Christening!

Your first trip to George's restaurant!
Your first bite of solid food!
Hanging out in Fort Smith watching a football game!
Your first trip to the pumpkin patch!

I laugh every time I see this picture!
#1 Hog fan!
Your first Halloween!
Six months old!
One of the cute "Three Little Pigs!"

Getting ready for your first Christmas!

Probably my favorite picture of you ever!

Your first Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas! We were on our way to see Santa at the mall!

One of my favorites!

Seven months old!
Six month pictures!

LOVE this one of you!
Cheering for the Chiefs!

Christmas Eve! You were a little sick but you rallied and had a good time!
Cheering for the Hogs again!
Bath time fun!
You and your brothers are such cuties! Y'all are going to have so much fun!
Your first tattoo!
Hanging out at your grandpa's house playing with the toys he got you!
Nine months!
You love to swing!

Baseball games!

Ten months!
Your first Saint Patricks Day!
Your first time to eat cake! You loved it of course!
Your first Easter Egg Hunt!
Running with the Boys
Meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time!

Silly boy!

Brooks, sweet, serious, hilarious Brooks. You are my first little boy! I still can't believe you are the tiny little four pound baby that we welcomed on April 20th. You have grown up to be such a big boy! You need to slow down because you are getting so big and it's making me sad! I don't think you realize how big you are. We call you a bulldozer because if there is something you want you climb over whatever or whoever is in your way. Sometimes that makes Ava and Knox cry but you quickly give them a kiss which is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen! It's funny that you are so big because you are a little bit of a chicken! Maybe I should call you cautious instead of a chicken! You get a little scared of the slide, the vacuum cleaner, etc. The other two scream to go higher and faster and you are happiest when you are safe on the ground! ha You are the happiest baby I have ever been around. You always have a smile on your face! It was almost impossible for me to pick out my favorite pictures of you because they were all so cute! I used to say I didn't know what I would do with a boy but now I know exactly what to do! You make my job pretty easy! I've always heard boys love their mommy and it's true! You would be happy to sit in my lap every day all day! Sometimes I think my lap just gives you a better view of the tv though. You still Love to watch tv! You also love music and have some pretty cute dance moves! When people meet you they always say, "Look how serious he is." Once you are comfortable you start smiling and showing off your silly side! You still love to look around and watch people! Brooks we love you so much!
Your dad and I constantly comment on what a good baby you are! We jokingly say you win the "best baby award" every single day! haha Thanks for the laughs and the love Brooksy! Love you!

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