Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bunny Pics

Before we went to Bedfords for our real bunny pictures I thought I would take a few with my camera. My pictures should have been an indication of how the real photo shoot was going to go down... Especially after you throw two live bunnies in the mix!

They just wouldn't sit still! Or keep their shoes on!ha

Ava was thinking, "Knoxie, you are going to get in trouble!"

Probably the best picture of the day! I just wish there wasn't an ugly Oriental Trading box in the background!

I snuck one picture of the picture process. Then I was scolded so I had to put my phone away.
Oh and Knox kissed a bunny. Do they have diseases? I hope not because that bunny got a smooch right on the nose/mouth. My little lover boy just couldn't help himself!
Brooks did not crack a smile the entire time we were there. Ava wouldn't sit still and Knox was all over the place too! He was petting bunnies, trying to pick up the Easter eggs, taking off his shoes.. We were there for 15 minutes and it felt like an hour.

The big reveal!

This is the picture Bedfords thought was the best! It made the cover of the photo book!

This boy would not smile. Not for anything!
Knox's mad face! Nostrils flared, teeth (gums) clenched.
Now he's just bored.
This is the best smile Brooks could come up with.
Ava, on the other hand, was having the time of her life! She liked the bunnies!
Shocked face!
I don't think those bunnies will ever be the same!


T's Mommy said...

Love the pics! And your captions had me loling!

Kyle and Amanda said...

So cute!! Love their outfits!